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Soul and Vibe Music's Songs of SirVival album cover

Songs of SirVival is the official soundtrack of Soul and Vibe's action-runner game, SirVival. The full-length album features 20 tracks of original music from the brave knight SirVival's quest to rescue Princess Parsnip from the clutches of Maelstrom, "The Malevolent."


1. SirVival and Tantrum (Charge Mix)

2. The Lands of Galgamar

3. Astyanax, the Warrior King

4. Smorgon Magma, the Black Rider (Impending Doom Mix)

5. An Ominous Meeting

6. Flame and Fury (Maelstrom Mix)

7. Castle Astyanax and the Town of Nordborden

8. Bamboozle and Herkimur and the Roaming Emporium

9. Krendle Gadfly and Bugaboo, the Burglar

10. Champions of Galgamar

11. Into the Dark Forest

12. Wizardly Words of Warning

13. The Witches of Swampthorne and the Village of Rickle Gilbin (Cackle Mix)

14. The Aether and the Grimstone

15. Petragaard

16. The Muddy Gap

17. The Misty Marshes

18. The Wasteland

19. SirVival Shows His Quality

20. Who Is Gurk Burkle? (The Mystery Deepens Mix)

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