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Soul and Vibe Music's Songs of SirVival album cover

Introducing Songs from Spooky Places, Soul and Vibe Music's 1st Halloween-themed music release! This 10 track compilation album features a variety of spooky tunes that will delight ghosts and goblins, everywhere.


1. The Witches of Swampthorne and the Village of Rickle Gilbin (Cackle Mix)

2. Bamboozle and Herkimur and the Roaming Emporium

3. Skulking Goblins

4. Smorgon Magma, the Black Rider (Impending Doom Mix)

5. Flame and Fury (Maelstrom Mix)

6. The Witch's Brew

7. Into The Dark Forest

8. The Search for Ahzumaad Gamorrah

9. The Misty Marshes

10. Who Is Gurk Burkle? (The Mystery Deepens Mix feat. Troupe Gammage)

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