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Chapter The First

Smorgon Magma, the Sinister Agent of Zerderrod has ruined King Ruprecht's tournament. He aims to stop you before you can rescue Princess Parsnip.

Chapter The Second

Are you brave enough to pass through The Dark Forest? Are you savvy enough to dodge the wild goblins' traps? Are you fast enough to outrun Yakmash, "The Destroyer?"

Chapter The Third

Snuggly tucked between The Dark Forest and The Misty Marshes, the village of Rickle Gilbin was pinched by danger. The Sisterhood of Swampthorne has taken the village. Free it!

Chapter The Fourth

Mind the steps of Tantrum, your noble steed, as you wade through the yucky muck of The Misty Marshes. All manner of slinking and creeping things lurk in the depths.

Chapter The Fifth

Brave SirVival, you have crossed the Wasteland and journeyed through the ruins of a long-forgotten people to the gates of Castle Cragmire. Maelstrom, "The Malevolent" awaits.

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