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Soul and Vibe Music's Songs of SirVival album cover

Fright Night, is Soul and Vibe Music's follow-up to Songs from Spooky Places. This 12 track album features 10 all-new tracks and 2 returning remixed favorites, Undertaker (The Gurk Burkle Mix) and Smorgon Magma, The Black Rider (Impending Doom Mix.)


1. Pinched By Danger

2. Nosferatu

3. The Haunted Garden

4. Beastie

5. The Dark Road

6. The Spirits Awaken

7. Undertaker (The Gurk Burkle Mix)

8. Beware the Depths

9. Something Lurks in the Shadows

10. The Witching Hour

11. Leathery Wings

12. Smorgon Magma, the Black Rider (Impending Doom Mix)

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