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Soul and Vibe Interactive Inc. (Soul & Vibe Interactive Inc. on OTC: SOUL is a publisher of games, games-related content, interactive storybooks, and digitally distributed music for consoles, mobile devices, PC/Mac, AR/VR platforms, and social media channels.


Our industry's market projected to grow to $100 billion by year-end 2018.


The Company specializes in the creation of original intellectual properties ("IP") and has extensive experience licensing world-renowned brands from influential companies. Soul and Vibe has a license agreement with Deere & Company, and game development and publishing agreements for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system, Windows 8, Windows Live, and Windows Phone from Microsoft, the PlayStation® 3 computer entertainment system and PlayStation® Vita (PS Vita) from Sony, and the Nintendo 3DS™ system and the Wii U™ system from Nintendo. As our publishing business grows, we intend to expand the number of platforms that we support for our catalogue of products.


To date, our games have been primarily released on mobile (The App Store and Google Play) and social media channels (such as Facebook.) Our interactive storybooks have been released on mobile (The App Store, Google Play, and on Amazon for both Android and Kindle Fire devices). Our digitally distributed music has been released for streaming and download on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube, Saavn, Media Net, Microsoft Groove, ClaroMusica, and the newly opened "Soul and Vibe Shop." Our games, interactive storybooks, and digitally distributed music are released under three core brands:

Games for mobile devices, social media channels, PC/Mac, AR/VR, and console.

Interactive storybooks based on licensed-brands and original properties.

Soundtracks, DJ-remixes, multi-track music singles, and more!

Through partnerships with technically sophisticated software developers located all over the world, Soul and Vibe transforms unique concepts into engaging, highly accessible, and affordable games and entertainment experiences.

What’s the meaning behind our name?


Soul. The gaming media states, “Games either do, or do not, have a soul.” Soul is akin to personality. It is the thing that makes it stand out.


The perception of soul in a game is directly tied to the fun-factor of its core play mechanic (what you do as a user while playing).


The more engaging and compelling the play mechanic, the more robust, personable, and memorable the play experience, and the more likely consumers and press will talk about the game.


Vibe. The ways in which players hear and talk about games has changed, significantly, in recent years. Consumers have an internal information filter that is becoming more refined by the day.


Buzz is measured more by traffic volume on social networks, tweets, and hobbyist sites/forums than: Impressions left by ads in magazines consumers aren’t reading, banner ads users aren’t “clicking-through” on websites, and television commercials the populace skips thanks to DVR. 


Soul and Vibe breaks through marketplace clutter and noise via direct-to-consumer tactics that reverberate from the core player to the mainstream gaming audience.

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