Soul and Vibe Interactive Inc. Company Overview

Soul and Vibe Interactive Inc., [publicly traded on OTCQB: SOUL] is an innovative video and computer games company focused on developing and publishing standout games. Our games are as fun to talk about, as they are to play.

"Soul and Vibe" specializes in the creation of original intellectual properties ("IPs") and has extensive experience licensing world-renowned brands from influential companies. Through partnerships with technically sophisticated software developers located all over the world, we transform unique concepts into engaging, highly accessible, and affordable, games and entertainment experiences.

Historically, gaming has meant playing retail purchased physical media on television-based and portable consoles, and personal computers. Consumer behavior is trending away from physical media, and is embracing digitally distributed products. Mobile devices, once used only for communication, now play host to myriad features, and allow access to a wealth of “on demand” entertainment choices. Mobile devices are significantly expanding the hardware platforms on which games are played, as well as the consumer base that plays them.

Soul and Vibe’s business model focuses on multi-platform support. Our licensed-brand and original IP-based games can be played on consoles, mobile devices, and personal computers. Each product is supported by a recurring release of monetized games-related content:

  • Ancillary revenue is generated from the sale of Premium Downloadable Content (“PDLC”), virtual apparel and costumes for Avatars, and monetized “Consumables.” Our business model calls for numerous revenue streams to be generated from each game release.
  • Our mobile games are revenue generating marketing vehicles for our console releases.
  • Through "Smart Glass" and "Companion App" support, we broaden consumer awareness for each game franchise, promote interconnectivity between hardware platforms for our games, and amortize development and marketing expenses.
  • “IP” ownership allows us to control the licensing of our properties to 3rd Party merchandising companies, and to retain the majority of revenues, maximizing shareholder value.

The video and computer games industry is very mature when it comes to distributing and marketing interactive content at retail (30+ years). However, it is in its infancy when it comes to digitally distributing and marketing the same content. Soul and Vibe was founded with a business model that fully embraces digital distribution. Digital distribution significantly reduces the Cost of Goods Sold (“COGS”), bypasses physical media distribution channel challenges, and directs sales, marketing, and promotional efforts directly to the consumer.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (“PwC”) reports consumer spending on console, mobile, and personal computer game software topped $56 billion in 2010. Games Industry revenue is projected to reach $82 billion by the year 2015. Soul and Vibe’s leadership, business model, multi-platform focus, and strategic relationships, will pave the way for the Company to be a significant player in the video and computer games industry.